Anil. What's So Genius? (AMANDA UPDATE MARCH 2017)

Because when it comes to travel, functionality is everything  



Anyone who travels frequently does a lot of packing and unpacking, and will admit that “TRAVELING WITH LUGGAGE IS A HASSLE”. We get it, we travel a lot too, and we wanted to make a rather mundane packing process hassle-free.

Established by Alfred Chehabar, in 2011, Genius Pack is a brand bringing extreme functionality and innovation to the luggage industry.

So much about travel has changed in the past few years but nothing new has come into fruition for travel-goods. Living in an age of technology and innovation, luggage brands seemed to have skipped this wave. But Genius Pack is changing that.




Genius Pack is a brand that solely focuses on extreme functionality. Our mission is to revolutionize the way we travel. As a brand, we aim to create products that eliminate the common nuisances of luggage – getting you to your destination with peace of mind

 We work diligently to make the travel experience as convenient as possible. Through customer feedback and personal travel issues and woe Genius Pack is continuously updating and improving our signature pieces. We pour a great deal of detail and aesthetics into all of our products we design and engineered them all with the end user in mind, YOU!



 Our distinct features and products define who we are.


A few selects:

Laundry Compression Technology: Unique technology to compress laundry contents by expelling unwanted air through an air-valve integrated in the luggage.



Organizational Engineered Interior Panel: Designated compartments for each category so you do not need to think what goes where.



High Altitude Flight Bag: Keeping all in-flight essentials at your fingertips.





Smartly designed premium travel products that combine modern style, with extreme utility. Integrating technology and organization that make the transit experience effortless and streamlined.


We created the bags - you create the memories.