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A man roaming the airport in LA, fascinated by someone recharging their smartphone from their carry on Read the post

Our 22" Carry On rated "The best carry-on luggage in the world" Read the post

"Genius Pack luggage offers a savvy way to pack for traveling" --Patricia King,

Gear Diary's Dan Cohen Provides a Thorough Product Review on our Carry On! Check out the post

"LOVE my new Genius Pack... It's all I'd hoped for and more... Keep up the great work! --Dyana Rivera Clement on Facebook

"Everywhere I travel, people ask about my luggage: YES, I can charge all of my gadgets out of my suitcase! YES, I always have an umbrella along...YES, I have a built in laundry bag. YES, my toiletries bag attaches to my suitcase. I tell them, "It's GENIUS!" -Cherie. See screenshot of email

Travel Expert John Leonardelli's Complete Product Review on our Backpack! Check out the YouTube video

"I’ll call it the Samsonite killer. George Clooney (Up in the Air) will be thrilled over this pack…" --Anders Nielson, Editor, Business Traveller Denmark

Online Review:, 12 Best Laptop Bags for Mobile Professionals Review: "Just when you thought luggage was inconvenient... comes a NYC company Genius Pack with a bold promise of innovation and extreme functionality"

Cheap O Air Review: The features seem like they were made for James Bond. Read the post

"Laundry compression technology is the bomb!" --Ava Roxanne Stritt, Spa Travel Gal

"It's very easy to nerd out with travel gear. It's hard to do so with style. The Genius Packer boasts a pop-out umbrella, an exterior laundry hamper that compresses dirty duds (to make room for sartorial souvenirs, naturally) and a portable battery pack for charging gadgets on the go. It's all housed in a 22-inch carry-on that's overhead-compartment friendly and waiting-area chic." --Olivia Barker, USA TODAY

"This innovative product... enables you to separate your laundry from your clean clothes" --Joe Rosen, Travel Weekly

"Great innovation and great for all of us that rely on our gadgets and need to have them with us on the road." --Rick Limpert, Travel Editor,

Online Review: Travelore Report: "The Most Innovative Travel Luggage"

"A bag that's thought of everything" --Kathy Witt,
Note to us from customer who purchased as a gift: He LOVES it!! Said it was the best bag he's ever owned. We tried it out and took it on a trip this past week.Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Will highly recommend. Cheers!! --Anita Minielly

"I received one of these for Christmas - LOVE it! Best carry on I've ever owned." --Tracy Simpson Hankins via Facebook

"We are traveling to Europe this summer and needed a bag that would hold as many items as possible and the Genius Entrepreneur met that criteria. There's not only a soft pouch for my tablet and charger but a convenient spot for my glasses. It will hold the important documents needed while traveling through Germany and Austria. I can't wait to put it in action!" --Jim Ferree via Facebook

"I can't say enough about this bag. I can picture myself using it for the next decade. It's durable, big on the inside and not bulky looking on the outside." --Rick Limpert,

"Have used my bags and love them. I also want to mention the great service I got from the company when I ordered and had difficulties with the on line process. Great Bags Great Service" --Diane Berning via Facebook

"Thank you for my new 22" suitcase - just got it and love it! Using my Genius Pack on the plane later today!" --Denise Ali Thathcer via Facebook

Online Review: Passenger 156: High Altitude Flight Bag Review

"I've just received the Genius Pack 22" carry-on, and it's the best carry-on I've seen yet.

I'm going to India, and traveling internationally, I usually use a medium sized duffel and a 22" carry-on to be able to carry important things like camera equipment and an extra day's clothes on board with me in case my luggage goes missing. I need the full 22" so this replaces a 20" spinner that I had been using. This is a very sharp looking case. Very well organized and has tons of pockets inside as well as outside. On the front of the case, there's room for my research and itinerary, as well as more magazines in the back. The jacket hook is great. I'm always leaving someplace cold and ending up someplace hot or vice versa and the jacket is always a problem. Now you don't have to pack it and use up valuable space. Spinners are essential to roll down airplane aisles sideways. It's perfect. I thought I probably had an umbrella that would fit in the umbrella holder so I didn't order it, but it's a unique space. It's best to order the umbrella. I ended up ordering it. I am kind of a luggage freak. I keep looking for the perfect bags and after a lot of looking, nothing came close to this one in the carry-on field." --Zoe from Southampton, NY

Online Review: Passenger 156: Portable Mobile Charger Review
"I wanted to let you know that I am finishing up my vacation, and have been using your products: 22" Carry On Spinner, Weekender True Sports Duffle, Brilliant Toiletry Kit, Compression Packing Cubes, and Universal Travel Adaptor. Your products have all done outstanding duty. They have been easy to transport, durable, and good looking (a TSA agent actually complimented me on my carry on). Also the collapsible umbrella was very handy in Auckland when it was raining.

Your products made my trip easier and more enjoyable. I did not once have to worry about my luggage. Thank you" - Philip from Fremont, CA

I love my High Altitude Flight Bag. I am short (4'11) so when I fly, once the bag goes in the overhead or the floor and I can't reach my stuff. With your Flight Bag I can have my Kindle, a magazine, pens, headphones, gum, passport, camera and a charger all within reach! Problem solved thanks to your bag!

A happy customer!
Stephanie from Placerville, CA

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