Laundry Compression Technology

Patented technology to compress laundry contents by expelling unwanted air through an integrated air-valve


Say hello to more space.


Power Up

Recharge smartphones directly from your carry-on with the integration of the Portable Charger



Engineered Interior Panel

Designated compartments for each category so no need to think what goes where




Umbrella Pop Out

Starts raining? Pop out the Micro Umbrella from top panel of luggage



Hassle Free Maneuverability

360-degree frame injected wheels for an uncompromising smooth roll




Smart Design. Light Construction.

Not only are our features smart, but our unique construction proves lightness comes before function. Our G3 Carry On features a honeycomb frame, and our Aerial collection features a 100% aircraft grade polycarbonate frame.




Quality Assured

We work hard to ensure our products withstand all terrains and experiences. Prior to product releases, all Genius Pack products are tested for numerous functions such as mileage tests for wheel endurance, UV testing against hours of sunlight, handle jerk testing ensuring all bags can carry heavy contents, impact test for bag misuse, zipper tests, and others.