What's So Genius?

Luggage today became a burden to travelers. We live in an age of technology and innovation, and luggage brands seemed to skip this wave. Genius Pack is a brand that solely focuses on extreme functionality; travel products that eliminate the hassles of travel.


17 FEATURES PATENT-PENDING. Our distinct features define who we are. A few selects: Laundry Compression Technology: Unique technology to compress laundry contents by expelling unwanted air through an air-valve integrated in the luggage. Organizational Engineered Interior Panel: Designated compartments for each category so you do not need to think what goes where. Integrated Mobile Recharge: Integrated mobile charger so you can recharge your smartphone directly from your carry-on 


Hi, I'm Alfred Chehebar, Founder of Genius Pack. Our entire team and myself work diligently to make the travel experience as convenient as possible. All of our products were created with the end user in mind. With that being said, I hope you enjoy and appreciate the functionality poured into our products & I'd like to personally thank you for visiting our site.

Safe travels,

Alfred Chehebar



How we do it

By going direct to consumer, we’re passing those savings directly on to you.









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