4 Packing Tips To Utilize Every Time You Travel

1. Pack Flat – Don’t Roll
People think you get more space by rolling your clothes. Save yourself the time, pack it flat and position them to align with other contents in your bag to maximize space.

2. Use A Checklist
Make a travel checklist on your smartphone to use each time you travel. This will minimize the stress and maximize productivity while packing. All Genius Pack luggage include a permanent checklist embedded in the interior panel which takes 10 seconds to scan to ensure you didn’t forget something like belts.

3. Pack Light
Whatever you picked out, delete half. When you pack light you travel better.

4. Compress
We invented our Laundry Compression Technology which is patented today, to enable travelers to compress laundry contents by expelling air through an integrated air-valve built into our Genius Pack suitcases.