Our Story

How it all began...

We established Genius Pack because we felt there was a lack of innovation and creativity in the luggage industry. So much about travel has changed in the past 10 years but nothing new has come into fruition in the world of travel-goods. Most luggage out there (more or less) serve the same function— A large main compartment, 2 or 4 wheels, a handle system and maybe a few design elements. Anyone who travels frequently does a lot of packing and unpacking, and will admit that “TRAVELLING WITH LUGGAGE IS A HASSLE”. Our list of groundbreaking features include: Our patent-pending Laundry Compression Technology™- unique feature to compress your unclean clothing by expelling the unwanted air through an air-valve and compressing all your laundry contents to the wall of the luggage, interior panel engineered with designated compartments for think-free packing, an integrated battery pack so you can recharge your mobile device directly from your luggage, an integrated packing checklist (so you’ll never forget your essentials) and a whole lot more. We poured in a great deal of detail and aesthetics into our Genius Pack G3 22" Carry On.

We travel a lot too, and we wanted to make a rather mundane packing process even easier. We strive to be the best luggage brand in the industry by developing innovative solutions that change the way travelers use luggage.

All of our products were created with one common goal in mind, to make the travel experience more convenient, and to eliminate the common nuisances of luggage.

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